Thursday, September 10, 2009

Staycation - Night One

For our first dining experience, we were treated to Proof on Main. Proof is 21C's hotel restaurant.
I was very impressed with the restaurant's atmosphere. The pictures below were what were on display while we were there. I loved the horse pictures, and I thought they were a fun touch for Louisville.This was the appetizer that we ordered. It was country ham and chickpea fritters. I really liked the taste of them, but the texture kind of got me in the end.For our dinner, I had a pork chop, Scott and Steve had a sirloin and JoEllyn had sword fish. We decided that all of our meals were good, but not many were excellent. But it was free, and we were all very happy. Our server did a great job though; he was very informative and did a great job at making us feel comfortable and not stuffy.We all agreed that dessert was wonderful! We all had brownie cookie sandwiches with caramel de sel ice cream in the middle. I would have been happy with just the ice cream alone! It was perfect. Another fun touch at dessert was complimentary cotton candy. It was really fun to have cotton candy at the end of our meal.
In the end we decided that Proof was an excellent hotel restaurant and a pretty good Louisville restaurant. It's hard to compete with other restaurants in the Highlands and Frankfort Avenue. I would try Proof if I were you, but maybe go for lunch as a test run.

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