Monday, September 7, 2009

Staycation - Day One

So, I normally don't let myself go four days without telling you something, but this weekend was the weekend of our staycation. We had a wonderful time! For those of you who don't know, Scott (husband) wrote what he loves about Louisville for a local contest that CB&T Bank was having. Thanks to Facebook, we won! Our first adventure led us to 21C hotel and its restaurant, Proof.21C Hotel and Museum

21C is such a unique hotel! I would recommend at least a one night stay to locals and travelers alike. I have stayed in several "unique" or "upscale" hotels, but nothing compares to this. As you enter, you are greeted by the hotel's trademark red penguins, and if you are lucky, their red limousine. The entire hotel is filled with artwork that uses a variety of media and experiences. For example, here is the men's restroom.That is the "urinal" and there is one-way glass where you can look out, but the by-stander on the outside cannot look in. You get the idea. The entire hotel is filled with things like this. The lobby is a gallery, and the artwork is rotated about every three months. I will say that the art is more along the contemporary/edgy line... you will not find any classic impressionist paintings here!

Here are some pictures of our room:

You can't really see the chair because Scott is sitting in it, but it was so fun! It had really pretty fabric. I also loved the curtains- they looked like they came from Ikea - and I loved the exposed brick wall.The bed was so cozy! The room came complete with chocolates on the pillow (which were kind of weird, but that's my only complaint) and an I-Pod that was playing when we entered the room.Finally, the bathroom. It wasn't too special except it was completely spotless. This is the only hotel I have ever stayed in that I did not wear flip flops the entire time.

I'll tell you about Proof tomorrow, but I hope you enjoy 21C for at least a night!

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