Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last But Not Least...

Our last staycation adventure landed us at Proof again, but this time for breakfast. Let me begin by saying it was sooo good!!! Our experience for breakfast was also totally different from our dinner. It was almost like we were in a different restaurant.
We ordered close to everything on the menu since we had a one-time credit. We had lemon blueberry pancakes, Parmesan grits, bacon, and fresh fruit with ricotta. The grits and fruit were by far some of the tastiest breakfast items I have ever put in my mouth. The fruit was on top of ricotta cheese, and it was drizzled with honey and almonds. I know it sounds normal, but I would never have thought of putting these things together. Guess what I'll be having for breakfast this week. :) Scott's favorite was the bacon. I must admit it was really good. It was smoky and thick cut; there was barely any fat on it.
My only complaint was that it was a bit pricey for breakfast. If it were cheaper, I would definitely go back. Again, it was an excellent hotel restaurant, but there are cheaper places that are closer to my home. If you do happen to stay at 21C, you must forget the prices and eat there for breakfast! So, until next time I encourage you to go out and explore your city. I never would have thought to stay in my city, but we had such a fun time! Thanks again CB&T!

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