Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away!

All summer we have had rain, but this morning I finally woke up to a real thunderstorm. It's the kind of storm that's harmless, but makes you want to stay in bed all day... so I did this morning. I was going to go for a bike ride this morning, but I can't exactly do that anymore, so here is a list of some fun things to do inside during a thunderstorm.

10. Camp or make forts in the house. You could just drape blankets over the couch and some chairs for a very comfy fort. Make smores in the microwave and then eat them in the fort.

9. It’s usually fairly dark outside when it’s rainy so it’s a perfect time for a Moive Afternoon. All you need to do is add some popcorn and drinks, and you're set.

8. Look at family photo albums. Take out the family photo albums and sfind the cutest outfit you wore when you were a baby... the funniest face you ever made... the craziest hairdo you ever had. It's a lot of fun looking back at old pictures!

7. Catch up on a good book that you've been wanting to read. You could read it from your bed or even your porch if you can manage to keep yourself dry.

6. Listen to the pitter-patter on the window panes.

5. Don't forget to bake something - cookies, brownies or even a pie is fun. You even get to lick the spoon!

4. Go for a quick run in the rain.

3. Organize something that needs to cleaned up.

2. Sleep in; isn't it great to hear the thunder and not have to be anywhere but your bed.

1. Go to a bakery or coffee shop to read or study. It will most likely be less crowded and you can make a quiet nook by a corner window.

Next time it rains by you try out one of these, and have a happy rained-in day!

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