Monday, August 10, 2009

Eight Dollar Find

Over the summer, I was looking for a very cheap computer chair that I could reupholster to put in my classroom. I finally found one and just got around to covering it. This is a before picture:

Average $4 computer chair at a yard sale
I unscrewed the top and ripped off the old fabric.
I felt kind of bad about it because Coby really loved the chair :(
The top is finished.
Here's what you need...Old chair, adhesive spray and some pretty fabric. I found this at an upscale consignment store. It was from France and it only cost $10 for close to 3 yards!
Staple the fabric to the wooden backing of the seat.
Make sure you pull extra extra tight!
And this is it... my beautiful eight dollar chair. I'm happy with it, and it will look lovely in my classroom!

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