Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Wrapped Up

For some reason, I have been thinking about wrapping paper today. That probably shows my state of mind... At any rate, there is so much that can be done with wrapping paper, and I thought I would share some of the possibilities.Centsational
Take an old kitchen cabinet and turn it into a piece of artwork using modge podge and paints.

Family Fun
Create cheap and lovely Christmas ornaments from heavy wrapping paper.

Embellish average cork coasters.

Here are some other ideas thanks to Better Homes and Gardens.

1. Cut 4-inch squares and rectangles from several coordinating papers and arrange the pieces into a pleasing collage. When you have the final arrangement, glue everything to white acid-free matboard. You can mat and frame your design as colorful and inexpensive artwork.

2. Wrap a clear glass vase with paper bands to match the blooms. Tape or glue the ends securely. This technique will work with any square, rectangular, or tall cylindrical vase.

3. Cover acid-free matboard and use as a colorful mat for existing artwork. Or try the technique in #1, using a collage of paper patterns glued to a picture's mat.

4. Snip 3-inch-wide bands of paper and roll them into party napkin rings. Or try decoupaging or gluing decorative papers to sections of cardboard tubing (such as paper toweling tubes) to use for more durable napkin rings.

5. Trace cookie-cutter shapes onto patterned papers, cut out, punch a hole in each top, and use as holiday tree ornaments or gift tags. Or glue pretty papers to card stock, then cut out the shapes for a sturdier version of this idea.

6. Use pretty papers under glass -- as a tray insert, underneath a glass tabletop, or between two sheets of glass sold as a picture frame in art stores.

7. Slice a piece of paper for a bookmark, add a grommet at the top, and thread a ribbon through.

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