Monday, September 24, 2012

Week Five Recipes & Apple Orchard

Oh, it is finally fall!  This is no doubt my favorite season.  I am lucky enough to have already made some wonderful friends here in Indy, and I was invited to go pick apples at Anderson Orchard.

I absolutely had a blast picking 13 pounds of apples!  When we arrived the air was crisp and we were able to take in all of the sites that you would expect to see at a family orchard.  There was row upon row of about 20-30 different types of apples.  Mums dotted the front porch of the little shop, and the smell of pumpkin bread mingled around in the air.  The playground was packed full of little ones that were on  a field trip, and all of it just brought joy to my heart!

Because I picked a lot of apples for just Scott and me, I'll be making lots of apple recipes.  I'll keep you posted on those, but for now, here's what's for dinner.

Monday: Vegetable Lasagna
  • I made this about a month and a half ago and had the remainder frozen.
  • I did buy some sourdough bread for $3, and we froze the other 2/3 of it.
  • We had this for dinner and again for lunch = $3.

Tuesday: Tacos!
  • I haven't made tacos in a while, but they sound tasty this week!
  • I bought 1 lb of ground beef  ($6), taco shells ($2), refried beans ($2) and cilantro ($2).
  • I had rice and I am going to make my own taco seasoning.
  • Total = $12... we will probably have some rice and beans leftover.

Wednesday: Community Group... I bought cheddar cheese to go with our chili ($2).

Thursday: Taco Baked Potato
  • I will use the 1/2 pound of ground beef that will be left over from Tuesday to go on top of our baked potatoes.
  • I bought 2 potatoes ($1) and an avocado ($1) to dice up on top. 
  • I will garnish it with our leftover cilantro, and I am going to make a pepper jack cheese sauce.
  • Our total = $2 and some guacamole as a snack with the half that didn't get used!

Friday: Roast Chicken with Spaghetti Squash and Mac and Cheese

This mac 'n cheese is the best stuff ever!  I used to make it from scratch, but this is just as good in a time crunch.

  • I bought my little chicken for $10.  He was pasture raised, and I'm sure he was very happy until the end. :)  We'll eat half tonight.
  • The spaghetti squash was $3, and the mac and cheese was from Trader Joes - $3. 
  • This meal is $16 and a lunch added in and half a leftover chicken for next Monday's dinner.

This weekend we are cheating.... friends and family are coming up, so we'll be eating out!

Our total this week is: $45

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