Saturday, November 26, 2011

Herb Roasted Chicken Breasts

This year, I started a cooking club at school for thirty-two 11-13 year olds. I absolutely love it! The kids have so much fun! We meet twice a month to create tasty treats. During the first half of the month, we create a sweet item. We've made cookies, apple pies, you know... things like that. During the second half of the month we make a meal to eat together. We made soups the first time and the second time we made a Thanksgiving dinner. After we make our meal, we all sit down together to enjoy it. If I could teach this class as a living, I think that I would have the best job in the world!

At any rate, last Friday we were making Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn't find just a plain boneless turkey breast that would defrost in time (and I'm finicky about where I purchase meat), so I bought us Amish chicken breast to roast instead. It's poultry right; plus the kids would get to make it this way and I would have had to make the turkey myself.

When I say this is so easy, a child could make it, it's true! I had three boys form an assembly line and they prepared their birds with skill and ease. :) We had it seasoned and cooked in under an hour. So here is how you make this chicken:

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast
Source: Me!


* 1 whole, boneless chicken breast with the skin on
* 2 tbsp. butter, softened
* Your Favorite Herb Mix (We used Herbes de Provence)
* A drizzle of olive oil
* salt and pepper


1. Preheat oven to 350 and line a cookie sheet or roasting pan with aluminum foil.
2. Place your chicken on a plate or cutting board.
3. Run a spoon between the meat and the skin to loosen the skin. 4. Rub on tbsp butter on each breast. Make sure to rub under the skin, on top of the skin and on the back side of the chicken.
5. Generously sprinkle the chicken with the herb mix of your choice. Rub so that the mix is evenly distributed.
6. Drizzle just a touch of olive oil on the top of the bird and season with salt and pepper.
7. Place the chicken on the pan (skin side up) and roast for about 40 minutes. The juices should run clear when finished.

** I like to make this with the Whole Foods brand cranberry stuffing mix. It is the best because it's not too salty! The frozen green beans from Trader Joe's are awesome as well when stir fried with some seasoned olive oil. **

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